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I am happy under my wife's control. A female led relationship has evolved. She has helped me to become much less macho. I work hard now to handle most all household chores, consider her wishes and needs and please her with my behavior. As a result we both are happier than we have ever been.

When I make a mistake, she disciplines me rather than giving me the old silent treatment. Now I always know where I stand and I am inspired to better serve her. She is very proud of me and I adore her.

Have others discovered this wonderful lifestyle?  Please share your experience.  jenny

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Posted on 02:29PM on Jul 9th, 2008
Sounds like a great start!

In his groundbreaking work Dr. John Gottman at the U of Washington in Seattle found that one of the key factors in successful relationships is that both partners allow themselves to be affected by their partner. That statement even wound up getting him made fun of in a Saturday Night Live skit, but his research backs it up and he still stands by it.

That having been said, a relationship is a relationship is a relationship, no matter who the leader is. All the components of long lasting healthy relationships have to be in place.

Since females are most often the more adept one in these areas, perhaps having her in charge is the best way for you to learn how to make this work.
Posted on 08:17AM on Oct 7th, 2010
I got to put my 2 cents into the pot. but i got to tell you, I have been researching a lot about this type of relationship, either you find a women who (you already married and she is into being kinky and open-minded and ready to experiment) or you find a Pro-dom or find your luck with a Psycho.. know i'm married, for a time, i thought my wife was to be Dominant. but then i found out I was wrong (at a bad real price and i'm stuck for awhile)
What i've found out, is that People in general, if they are in High priced positions (like managers or higher) they are Dominant in their field, I found out that they are all "submissive" in play in the home environment. and vise versa
like a Secretary is very Dominant in the household relationship for instance my wife is a Manager but when i thought she was to be a good Dom, I was totally wrong, she is a sub, but know it's too late to play this card at all. she so turned off in the whole matter,
you see it on the news about Top people in jobs, getting caught going to a Payed mistress submitting to their demands.
Posted on 01:33AM on Dec 14th, 2012
I was quite lucky. I met my partner online, attracted to Her profile, which hinted at a power exchange. Turned out this was subliminal - She didn't know who She was at the time, and quite frankly, I had always thought of myself as a typical Alpha. All that changed with our first weekend together. When She went down on me, She discovered what a powerful emotion power created, and simultaneously, I found myself realizing that domination might not be all I had thought it was.

It did take some time for us to fully understand where we were going, but fortunately we were both traveling the same self-discovery path. Initially we thought that BDSM was our destination, but the truth seems to be, most of that behavior is fantasy play. We knew what we wanted was no less than full commitment in a relationship. The day came, and She demanded, and I acceded to a full power transfer. My last choice was, never to make choices again. She assumed ownership of the ****. But in our own ceremony, She elevated me far above slave status, to become Her bride. And so I am. Every day and every night, my pleasure is gained in making sure that my Mistress is pleased. My ***** mouth and ***** bottom are Hers. to be used as She sees fit. Her Little **** and Large **** are the objects of worship. My own tiny **** is used when it pleases Her as well. While I work, She devises the night's activities, and even weekend honeymoons. Sometimes She provides me with a toy partner, although there is one unflexible rule -- my *** belongs to Her. These escapades are rare, though, and for the most part, we live as honeymooners, night after night, for more than 4 years. I know that both of us were incredibly lucky to find a partner who learned their true identity simultaneously.
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